Meet with GLAMIRA’s newest and the most striking collection yet! Neon Vibes Collection, where all the neon jewelry pieces come together. Vibrant-colored designs have been on the rise in recent years. So we wanted to incorporate them into luxurious jewelry as well. Make your winter days even more luminous with the Neon Vibes Collection. 

When we started creating this collection, our team imagined rich and bold jewelry pieces to brighten up your look no matter what the season is. With these neon hues, you can make your summer outfits even more glowy or add a touch of color to your winter style. If you have read our 2021-2022 Winter Jewelry Trends blog post, then you already know that colorful pieces are back in fashion, and they will stay in for a while. So this collection is the perfect one to catch the latest trends and freshen your jewelry box.

As for the colors, we did not hold back. There are neon blue, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and mixed ones. In addition, we included must-have colors like black, white, and red. The colorful parts in these pieces are made from enamel, and as always, you can choose the metal of choice. There is no doubt that these vivid colors will be harmonious with any metal color. So whether you are a lover of bright jewelry or prefer something subtle, we believe this collection covers every taste.

In this collection, we combined GLAMIRA’s sophistication with contemporary and unconventional designs. There are more than 100 pieces in Neon Vibes Collection ranging from shiny necklaces to multi-hued rings. We believe everyone should enjoy colorful and fun jewelry so there are gender-neutral pieces as well. If you want to jazz up your vibrant jewelry, even more, consider choosing colorful gemstones. Customize yourself a rainbow piece and reflect all your colors!

Life is too short to live in the same hues. Paint your emotions with different, bright colors and create a vibrant canvas. That is why we have created the perfect harmony between precious jewelry and colorful enamel for you. You can have the most magical start to the new year with Neon Vibes Collection. Check out our website and social media for more amazing jewelry!

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