As a brand, it is important for us to keep up with the new trends while maintaining our perspective. Our partnerships are important for us. We try to associate with people who share the same vision as us. So it’s an honor for us to announce that we have a new collection with our brand ambassador, Amanda Cerny!

Amanda Cerny is an actress, health and wellness enthusiast, content creator, and model with over 45 million followers across Social Media. She has a spot in the top five most viewed Instagram story accounts. She has become quite successful over the years. With relatable and funny content, she managed to steal our hearts. 

She even wore Earring Lavonna on Valentine’s Day with beautiful ruby and diamonds to match the spirit of the occasion and performed as a bridesmaid in her sister’s wedding with Necklace Chastella with pearls to represent purity. 

Now, we have moved a step forward. Amanda Cerny x GLAMIRA is out! In this gorgeous collection ranging from diamonds to White Sapphires, you will witness the perfect harmony of the unique designs and the sparkling stones.

Amanda Cerny chose the best designs and created a collection as tempting as her own diverse looks. She also didn’t forget men and chose the most elegant pieces for modern men to make them stand out.

Discover her amazing world of diverse designs in which all jewelry lovers will find a piece according to themselves.

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