Birthstone of November: CitrineThe citrine is known as the birthstone of November. Its color varies between a pastel yellow and a darker, brownish orange. As the name implies, it means lemon. It has a yellow tint due to the combination of high pressure and high temperature in the formation of manganese and titanium. According to rumours, this stone opens the mind and gives spiritual power. It is also thought that this semi-precious stone helps against anxiety, nervousness and stress and has a calming effect. The citrine stone, which belongs to the quartz family, is also associated with joy and passes this energy on to the wearers.

Citrine jewels are among the best gift options for those born in November. But of course, its beauty is for everyone! In addition, a citrine ring, a citrine necklace, a citrine earring or a citrine engagement ring, which will be the special symbol of your love, beautifies almost any moment…

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You can emphasize your sparkle with the Citrine Brooches

Brooch Laurenzia

Men can find almost every kind of men’s jewelry at GLAMIRA, from Citrine Men’s Rings to Citrine Cufflinks

Ring Guilt Free

Cufflink Aleser

For women there are endless Citrine jewelry designs…

Ring Alhertine

Ring Mutia

Pendant Adonara

Pendant Irabelia

Earring Livadeia

Earring Riccarda

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