Glamira - October Birthstone: Opal

Opal is known as the birthstone of October. It represents love, innocence and hope. It is possible to see almost all the primary colors in the opal stone which seems multicolored. The glittering glares in it give it a perfect look and therefore have a very valuable place in the jewelry world. Opal is a kind of quartz that is formed as a result of the movement of underground waters and closure of the gaps between the rocks. This miraculous stone from underground has many benefits. It is believed to be good for the soul and has a calming effect. It also removes negative energy and gives positive energy. It can be said that it is a mystical stone because of its influence on issues such as developing cosmic consciousness.

It is one of the most beautiful gifts for those born in October. With a gift from opal stone, you can show your loved one how much you appreciate her or him. An opal ring, an opal necklace or an opal engagement ring, one of these could be the most special symbol of your love. A great way to tell your feelings to your love! Moreover, you can customize every jewelry you buy from GLAMIRA according to your own taste. That means you can edit the metal, stones and even side stones as you want…

Earring Acakina

Glamira - Earring Acakina

Pendant Arsania

Glamira - Pendant Arsania

Earring Arvinda

Glamira - Earring Arvinda

Diamonds Ring Holly

Glamira - Diamonds Ring Holly

Earring Elio

Glamira - Earring Elio

Pendant Natonia

Glamira - Pendant Natonia

Ring Jeslanie

Glamira - Ring Jeslanie

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