October is an exceptional month because it has not one but two gorgeous birthstones; opal and pink tourmaline. Both have one-of-a-kind colors that catch all eyes immediately. If you’re looking for a unique gift for your October-born loved ones, keep reading to learn about these two stunning gems!


With its fascinating play-of-color, opal has been adored all over the world since ancient times. The word opal comes from the Sanskrit word upala which means “precious stone” and the Latin opalus means “to see the color change”. This semi-precious gemstone is known for its shifting play of kaleidoscopic colors. People have associated opal with fireworks, galaxies, volcanoes, and lightning. In addition, opals can be transparent, translucent, and opaque.

Opals are highly delicate because their hardness ranges from 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. They should be stored by themselves because harder gemstones might scratch them. Opals need their natural moisture so it is best to keep them in impermeable containers. Also, try avoiding exposure to water for a long period and high heat since it can seriously damage opal. This semi-precious gem is found mainly in Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil. Opal jewelry is a dainty touch that you need in your jewelry collection!

Iridescent opal is a symbol of hope, purity, and love. Further, opals are attributed some protective and healing powers. The play-of-color quality of opal led people to believe that opal carries all the virtues and power of colored stones. For a while, this rainbow-hued gem also had a bad reputation because of a novel, Anne of Geierstein, written by Sir Walter Scott. Luckily, this changed thanks to Queen Victoria. Queen herself admired opal and always had opal jewelry in her exquisite collection. Discover our dazzling opal jewelry selection!

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is a newer birthstone addition to October. It is the perfect choice with its pink shade for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink tourmalines have a wide range of shade selections, from pale pink hues to deep vivid hot pink. Back then, darker pink tourmalines were mistaken for rubies. The main difference is, rubies are precious stones while pink tourmalines count as semi-precious ones. So the pink tourmaline is much more budget-friendly. 

The name tourmaline probably originated from the ancient Sinhalese, language of Sri Lanka, the word tourmali means “a precious mixed-color stone”. USA, Brazil, and Sri Lanka are the primary countries for this mesmerizing jewel. Namibia has the finest and richest colored pink tourmalines in the world. Other than Namibia, California is known for its excellent quality of pink tourmalines. If you are looking for ways to vitalize jazz up your style, pink tourmaline jewelry will be a great choice!

Pink tourmaline is a stone for friendship, compassion, calmness, and emotional healing. The ancients thought pink tourmaline had extraordinary powers. For instance, in Roman times, people used it for their stress and to fall asleep. All these serene qualities are attributed to pink tourmaline also because it is related to the Heart Chakra. Pink tourmaline jewelry is attractive, lovely, and meaningful. October is the ideal time to explore pink tourmaline jewelry.

As always, with us, you can create your own opal and pink tourmaline jewelry. For every preference and style, you can find something wonderful. Do not forget to check our website and blog to discover more splendid jewelry and customize it based on your taste!

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