After the end of the tumultuous 2020, Pantone Color Institute has announced not one but two different colors for 2021. The colors of the year 2021 are the neutral Ultimate Grey and vibrant yellow Illuminating.

These two shades were chosen to represent the resilience and optimism that we all need these days. Though these colors are both extremely independent, when combined together they convey the message of strength and hopefulness. After the hardships that we all experienced in 2020 due to the pandemic, these shades will create soothing and uplifting energy and show us the strength and emotional support we create when we come together as a society with the connections we have with each other though we are all different as individuals. 

As you all know, the color choices of the Pantone Color Institute reflect the trends in beauty, fashion and design. We have also got our share and gathered together some designs adorned with the uplifting energy of yellow gemstones. With the power of the colors and gemstones, you can feel the energy of sunshine-filled days and give its energy to all your loved ones. To adorn your jewelry we have 5 different yellow gemstones and you can combine them with your favorite metal.

About our yellow gemstones…

Yellow diamonds are especially special to represent a beginning or a continuation of a life full of happiness and love while yellow sapphire gives the energy of divine grace, power and loving relationships. Lemon quartz gives happiness and enhancing insight and lemon topaz represents love and friendship. You can choose them as cabochon cut to enhance their uplifting hue. Our last yellow gemstone is citrine with its energy of sun and vitality of life which is also available as a cabochon and faceted cuts.

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