The beautiful, vibrant color pink has become a declaration of feminine power and strength in recent years. Traditionally associated with outdated gender stereotypes, pink used to be seen as merely frivolous and fun. However, we are now falling back in love with pink as a color of the rainbow that exudes strength, as opposed to weakness.

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Have the last word with the soft pink tones of these rose quartz earrings

Pink has been traditionally identified as being a ‘girly’ color since the mid 20th Century and it is often heavily used in clothing and toys marketed to girls. As a result, pink became a medium for the communication of stereotypical gender norms in society. These norms could result in children believing that being a girl means prioritizing beauty more than intelligence, that their value is their aesthetic and there are limited horizons for women. However,  women and girls around the world aspiring to equality have raised the issue of this “pinkification”.

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The effect of the vibrant pink Rubellite is influential

Before pink became a symbol of feminine empowerment, it was actually degraded because of its association with the outdated gender stereotypes. The fact that the color was heavily marketed towards children, causing self-image problems, it came to be despised for a while. However, with the help of girls, women, and artists around the world, pink has gone through a transformation. With this new image, pink is no longer just a symbol of frivolity, but a symbol of confidence.

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This eye-catching cabochon ring accompanied by a rose gold ring setting

After this short period of unpopularity, people decided that it was, in fact, a better idea to reclaim pink. Therefore, transforming pink became a matter of empowerment. As people started using it as a way of encouraging change against inequality, it became stronger as a symbol of equality. Now, pink stopped reminding people of traditional gender stereotypes and reminding them they had the power to establish equality. As a result, the negative image of the color started disappearing and pink gained popularity as a new symbol of feminine empowerment.

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The presence of the lively pink Tourmaline cannot be ignored

We are loving the make-over of Pink that has been proclaimed over the last decade. This lively color that is now transcending its traditional definitions has even more meaning with a focus on change. Beautiful in every hue, this beautiful color is now a trend thanks to its creative nature and joyful vibes. Pink’s warmer tones are lively and joyful while its other tones can be defined as refreshing. In every hue, we find it as beautiful as the flowers that blossom in spring, full of life.


The classic beauty of pearls, but this time in pink.

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