Planning weddings is very overwhelming and especially brides stress out the most. However, to save you and your partner some money that can go down the drain, we will enlighten you on some wedding planning advice.

Of course, you might agree or disagree with us, so at the end of the day choose whatever suits your taste. Don’t overspend but don’t underspend, since you will marry once.

Additionally, you can save money for a great honeymoon, because it will really be something only for you.

Now, let’s put our thinking caps on and relish into some advice on getting married without being in debt. (hopefully)

  1. Consider the wedding license time periods

Whenever we think about weddings, we hardly mention the official documentation that goes behind the scenes. Certainly, you have to go through the process in order for the woman to change her ID surname or whatever. 

So, in some parts of the world a license takes up several months or days to get issued. However, if you don’t consider this period, you can’t be married legally.

Nonetheless, this can’t stop you from making the ceremony, it’s just that you won’t exchange rings under a legal marriage.

This advice is for those who consider having the license before the wedding as extremely important.

  1. Pick your favourite people

A common mistake is to invite people who are dear to your parents, but you don’t necessarily care about. Of course, we don’t mean that in a hurtful way, but we all have cousins that haven’t called for 10 years. 

So, a golden rule is to sit down and list with your partner people you absolutely want to be there. 

And, if anyone gets offended, it’s not a place to feel guilty, since it’s your wedding and yours only.

Moreover, you will save loads of money on food, drinks, and hotel from not inviting additional people.

  1. End of season wedding

Here is a tip that a lot of people know but few choose to follow. That tip considers the wedding timing and seasons really change the prices. 

If you don’t insist on your wedding being at a very particular time, then an end of the season wedding might be your thing.

Simply, research how pricing works and book the perfect venue before the peak of the season or right at the end. 

  1. Rely on recommendations or friends

One extremely good practice is to find photographers, DJs, catering, bartenders, etc from recommendation, or you can hire a friend. 

Yes, sometimes hiring someone you know that is a photographer or florist might be risky. However, if you know that they are good and you have seen their work, it would be a life-saver. Moreover, you can request their services as a gift for your wedding.

On the other hand, recommendations work wonders since someone has already been on that path and can give relevant advice.

  1. Choose a venue that doesn’t restrict on vendors’ choice

On the topic of wedding service, a wise choice is to choose a place where you can bring your own ones.

If you have ever participated in a wedding organization, you might be aware that most places work with certain people. Of course, they take a big percentage of what you pay, so prices skyrocket.

Also, another tip on venue is to hold the reception and ceremony in one place. Thus, costs on transport and stress are all lowered down. Plus, you get to pay one place and not two or three others.

  1. Don’t go wild with alcohol

Wedding planners advise this: don’t buy anything else apart from wine and beer. Maybe, throw a cocktail or two in the mix, but nothing extraordinary. Right now, you may think that guests will search for endless varieties of alcohol, but at the end everyone drinks pretty much the same.

In short, we all know how pricey alcohol can get.

  1. Sell, sell, sell

Sell whatever doesn’t have a sentimental value on Ebay, Amazon or to thrift shops. If you are the sentimental type, it might be harder. 

However, think of how much you would get out of selling all decorations and other items that you don’t need more than one of them.

Furthermore, you can sell your wedding presents if they are too repetitive.

Certainly, you would be thankful in some time that you got rid of the four teapots that you received.

So, these are some examples in the first part of the wedding planning advice series. 

If you have additional tips and tricks, please share with us.

And if you are on the lookout for good wedding rings, check out our Wedding Rings section.

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