So, in a similar fashion to the first part of the article, we are going to stress on some mistakes that people make when wedding planning.

Again, we outline that you may not agree with all of that, but that’s okay.

However, if you agree with us, then feel free to share what were your mistakes if you are already married. We would love to hear!

So, without further ado, let’s get into this article to save your wedding day and some money in the process.

8. Wedding dress overspend

A very common mistake is going overboard on the wedding dress price. When you do that, you may be left without a budget for the actual wedding.

To avoid overspending, you can get a plain white dress and combine it with a veil. Such dresses can be found in shops like H&M which puts out amazing wedding dresses for like 50 dollars. 

And as crazy as it may sound, spending a fortune on the dress is not the smartest idea. It’s because you’re never going to wear it again.

So, with a white dress that doesn’t scream “wedding”, you can get more uses out of it for the warm seasons.

Not to mention but there are some very funny videos of women trying out wedding dresses from Aliexpress or Ebay like this one.

9. Rain on your parade

Is your wedding an outdoor one? Well, you better prepare for a rainy and stormy day. Our one tip for you is: do NOT trust the weather reports, since they are 100% accurate. 

Always have a backup plan as to where the guests can be seated in an inside facility. Of course, if you are planning through an agency, they will definitely think of this.

However, if you are organizing on your own, think really hard how to save your party in case of a thunderstorm.

10. All aboard on the Snoozeville train

Certainly, weddings can get very boring and stretched-out. This happens thanks to long toasts, speeches and not to mention, too many events happening before and after the ceremony.

So, narrow down the event to the ceremony and a little party afterwards with speeches only from the best man and the main bridesmaid. Nonetheless, we love the parents, but they tend to really go out of their way with speeches. Of course, you can include them, but set them a word limit.

11. Keep the guests up to your budget

Many couples make the big mistake to invite too many people or decide that some of them will decline the invitation. Therefore two things happen: either your money goes out or all of your guests come and there is no place.

Both of the situations can get really awkward, so avoiding them both can happen with inviting less guests.

Surely, you don’t need your 15th cousin there, right?

12. Don’t obsess over the little troubles

Emotions really take a turn when the wedding hours strike. So, when something goes wrong (which it will) don’t cry or panic. This day is meant to be happy and memorable. Don’t spend it crying and remember this day in such a way.

Make yourself comfortable, get some sneakers to wear to your party, ditch the uncomfortable shoes, and let your hair loose. 

You are the bride, darling!

These suggestions will surely help you out on the tough road of wedding preparations. We know it’s hard if you are doing it for the first time, but it will all come together.

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