As GLAMIRA, we believe jewelry tells the unique story of your life, which is personal and unique. And so should your jewelry be. Among all the customizability options we offer, more than 70 gemstones are the one that stands out the most. Here are some of them.


It is hard to find a high-quality diamond these days. But, along with diamonds that are hand-picked by in-house gemologists, we also offer blue diamonds, which are arguably among the rarest diamonds. They mesmerize and shine with their unique color and make your jewelry even more fascinating.


Emeralds are one of the most famous gemstones on our website. Their green hues give them a magical vibe. They have a history of carrying beliefs such as being the purveyor of love and hope and a source of eternal life. Today, however, because of its gorgeous green color, it is mostly associated with nature and the season it awakens, spring. 


We think it is safe to say that ruby is the gemstone of love and passion. Are saying that because of its mind-blowing red hues? Yes. Does it mean we’re wrong? No, not necessarily. When added to the jewelry, ruby radiates that confident vibe that will open many doors for you. It is the energy boost everyone needs.


It is known as “the all-purpose stone.” Another popular gemstone. Amethyst is believed to bring spiritual and mental healing by relieving stress and anxiety. It has that enchanting purple hue that’ll make it impossible for you to take your eyes off of it. Truly nature’s masterpiece.

If you can’t find your favorite gemstone here, you can definitely find it on our website!