We’re always moving forward and coming up with new designs that you can enjoy and wear for a long time. Designs that are flexible and adjustable to customization. Here is a quick peek at what we’ve been working on!


We’ve launched our new collection, GENUINE in case you haven’t noticed. It’s a collection about staying authentic, and being ourselves in eternity. And one of the most unique pieces that came with this collection are lip cuffs! LIP CUFF PATAKI is the perfect piece for trendsetters that are looking for something different to add to their collection and their looks.

BRACELET SAMBUNGAN. That’s all there’s to say. Look’s chic, different, and iconic.  It will take your look to another level. You’ll turn all the heads.

Long necklaces that will complement your cleavage are in fashion this season. And NECKLACE ESENSI definitely fits that description. With its cute infinity symbol and dangly center stone, it undeniably has that duality.

EARRING FARTON is what we proudly say that we’ve been working on. Its interesting design gives that cool effect that every outfit needs.

It’s summer – finally – and what better jewelry than a ring with pearls to wear all summer? RING FEILOAI is at your service. It’s also adorned with accent stones of your choice to make it even better!

Discover many more and our new collection GENUINE on our website!

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