Diamonds are the dream of women waiting to come true. Whether they are worn on the fingers, ears, wrists or around the neck; they look adorable on all parts of the body.

These natural stones, which are in fact very hard raw materials, are the most desired components of jewels today. Not for no reason the word originates from the Greek word “adámas”, which originally means “unbreakable”. Therefore it reaches an unbeatable 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

Why are diamonds unbeatable? The diamond is namely the eldest raw material and the only gemstone that owns the greatest hardness and is according to this the most resistant. Thus only a tool made up of a diamond and no other can succeed in cutting a diamond and bring it into shape!


The formation of diamonds is very unusual and interesting. The chemical structure is made up of only one element – carbon. During the forming certain conditions must be fulfilled so that a diamond can be achieved. Thereby the talk is of high pressure and a heat of about 1000°C at a depth of more than 160.000 meters in the interior of the earth. During the process carbon atoms come more and more together and crystals arise out of the pure carbon. Afterwards the high pressure leads to an enormous explosion and volcanic eruptions take these precious stones through lava to the earth’s surface. 

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