The traces of the Celts, who lived before Christ, can still be seen today. The Celts, a creative nation that values ​​craftsmanship, often used special motifs made of gold, silver and bronze in their jewelry. Nowadays, this type of jewelry, in which mainly braided lines appear as motifs, is referred to as ‘Celtic’.

One of the best-known Celtic forms is the heart pattern between the two hands. This pattern is often preferred in engagement rings and wedding rings as one of the most beautiful and traditional symbols of love.

If you like regional motifs in your jewelry and are looking for a model with a different meaning, GLAMIRA has interpreted the Celtic rings in a modern language for you…

With the Celtic Claddagh rings you can remind your loved one that you are one… These rings, which you can buy separately for men and women or together as a pair of rings, will be the special symbol of your love.

Celtic Claddagh

Glamira - Celtic Claddagh

Celtic Love

Glamira - Celtic Love

Celtic Connection

Glamira - Celtic Connection

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