The new season is here, this means it is finally autumn time! There cannot be a better start to a new season other than impressive sapphire. For those of you that were born in September, your birthstone is sapphire. Sapphires have been among the most popular gemstones throughout the years. Alongside diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, sapphires are one of the four main precious stones. If you want to learn more about this glamorous gemstone, just keep reading!

Precious Sapphire

The name of this majestic gemstone comes from the Latin and Greek words for “blue”; sapphirus and sappheiros. Sapphire’s popularity dates back to ancient Roman, ancient Persia, and the Middle Ages. Over the years sapphires are believed to have protective powers, people even assumed that the earth stood on a huge sapphire and that is why the sky is blue. What makes sapphires this beloved, other than their beautiful color, is that sapphires are very durable. Sapphires are the second hardest gemstone in the world, after diamonds. They have a score of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness that is why sapphires are perfect for jewelry!

The most common misconception about sapphires is that they come only in one color. Rich dark blue sapphire is indeed the most well-known one. However, there are pink, yellow, orange, and green sapphires too. These different colors of sapphire come from the mineral corundum. There is also red color but instead of red sapphire it is called “ruby”. The rarest sapphire is the pink one especially the one called padparadscha and it is from Sri Lanka. Sapphires are generally also found in Kashmir, Myanmar, Australia, Thailand, and some other countries. Kashmir sapphire is the most precious one. 

Meaning of Sapphire

What does the sapphire symbolize? Since its early days, sapphire has been associated with paradise mostly because of its mesmerizing blue color. People attributed mystical and heavenly powers to sapphire. It is believed that sapphires have protective powers, they ward off evil spirits, diseases. People thought sapphires would bring good health and heavenly blessings. Sapphire represents sincerity, royalty, nobility, truth, and faithfulness.

Sapphire Jewelry

There are many examples of famous sapphire jewelry. For instance, in 1796, French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte gave a sapphire engagement ring to his wife Josephine. With its magnificent 62.02 carat sapphire, the Rockefeller Sapphire is definitely a noteworthy one. Probably the most famous sapphire jewelry in the world is Princess Diana’s 12-carat oval cut blue sapphire ring. The stunning ring now belongs to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. 

The September birthstone sapphire is truly a special one. Sapphire gemstone has been the center of attention for many years and it will stay in the spotlight in the upcoming years. Sapphire jewelry will also be an amazing gift for your significant other. Sapphire gemstone is the traditional gift for the 5th, 45th, and 75th wedding anniversary. It is also the gemstone for Virgos, so if you have a Virgo loved one, you can surprise them with dazzling sapphire jewelry. Do not forget to explore our enchanting sapphire jewelry!

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