You have probably seen Victoria Beckham and her endless upgrades of engagement rings. Have you thought of upgrading yours a bit since your engagement? You may have got that idea, since you became financially better.

In a lot of ways, past engagement rings may have become less convenient with kids or daily activities. Moreover, your ring might be crumbling down to pieces if you decided to save up back then.

So, what is the right time to save up and get a brand new shiny engagement ring? Now!

Since it’s such a common practice for loads of couples, we are used to getting such requests from clients.

Renewing Vows

One of the best ways to get your engagement rings upgraded is when renewing your vows. Such an event marks a big milestone in your relationship, so adding a little something to your ring might be right.

Moreover you can combine the renewal with a wedding anniversary to make it that special.

Aren’t you even more excited for saying “I do” one more time?

Old look

It’s quite possible for the engagement ring to be outdated by style or to be worn out.

Usually, when young couples get engagement rings, they’re inexpensive. Thus, their quality could be questionable.

So, when you get that second round of engagement ring shopping, you must choose the best quality.

Our experts at GLAMIRA understand the value of quality, so they work tirelessly to ensure it.

Post-epidemic state

As couples stayed 24/7 at home during the lockdown, more and more started getting married or engaged. It might be because people realized how fragile the world is, and how we can lose our comfortable lives in a second.

Thus, you might be one of those couples who decided that their marriage improved for the better during lockdown. So, if you were married for several years, upgrading your ring could be a good decision. Furthermore, it will cheer you up after months of frustration and anxiety.

Of course, you should tailor it to your budget, since it can be a bit sensitive post-pandemic.

A big birthday or the birth of a child

Another big event can be enough reason to upgrade your engagement ring. Furthermore, such an event can be a new baby in the house of a milestone birthday of one of you. 

And as we tend to get quite emotional during such periods, we can direct this emotion towards a good upgrade.

How Upgrading Works?

By upgrading your ring, we don’t necessarily mean to buy a new one. You can change bits and bobs of it. For example, you can get another band to put besides the ring. It’s called a ring enhancer which can have all types of stones or design. Also, you can add or change stones, plus you can change the setting, as well. 

All of these are mere examples of what you can do to change a lot with little. 

Furthermore, such DIY techniques can be far better then getting a ready-made ring from the shop.

So, with all of these events in mind, there is no way for you not to upgrade your precious engagement ring now.

If you wish to have customized jewellery or browse our engagement rings, then check out our collections.

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