Sylvie Meis has become an important part of the GLAMIRA family. We’ve started our journey with the Finest Selection, which Sylvie Meis carefully handpicked especially for you. This time, we’ve decided to take our partnership with Sylvie Meis one step forward. Introducing: Sylvie by GLAMIRA.

Sylvie by GLAMIRA consists of the best pieces designed especially by Sylvie Meis herself. From premium earrings, which are Sylvie’s favorites, to radiant necklaces, each piece represents her glamorous spirit. 

The collection is full of timeless designs and clean-cut shapes. But one of the most outstanding pieces is Earring Tonne. Earring Tone has baguette-shaped gemstones which create a sophisticated silhouette. Combined with your favorite gemstone, this earring will make you look more elegant than ever!

Emerald is the gemstone of inspiration and wisdom and it is one of Sylvie’s favorite gemstones. She used it in many pieces she designed in her collection, one of them being Ring Martox. She chose her initial, but you can always choose yours to make it extra special!

Bracelet Berharga has that it factor with its eye-catching design. It represents Sylvie’s glamorous aura and distinct style. You can change the gemstones as you wish while mixing the metals.

Necklace Merdix is that dainty necklace you’ll need when you want to show off your elegance. It’s about sophistication and looking effortlessly chic and when it comes to that, this necklace is what you are looking for! With any gemstone you want on any metal, you’ll bring grace to your look.

Explore the classy world of Sylvie Meis in her new collection Sylvie by GLAMIRA on our website.

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