Colors are a big part of our world. We always use colors when we describe things. They carry a lot of meaning and emotions behind them. So it’s not a big surprise that we also associate a color to the year we’re greeting.

Blue represents the endless sky. The deep sea. It’s powerful and free. The lightest shade reminds us of the wind we feel in our hair. The darkest shade reminds the very last minutes of the sunset in summer. It’s the warmth of a hug and the cold of ice. But most importantly, it carries hope and keeps us going.

This year’s color is  PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri. This color symbolizes the changing dynamic in our lives that we’ve all been going through. It also represents confidence and curiosity that light the fire of creativity.  Incorporating this meaningful color into your look will bring all these emotions flooding in. AND it will take your outfit to a higher level as a bonus!

How to incorporate it into your look?

When talking about capturing this magical color, Tanzanite walks into the picture with all its glory. It has the same violet undertones as Very Peri. Just like the meaning behind its unique color, tanzanite stimulates intuition. And it goes well with both white and yellow gold so it is the perfect option to mix and match.

But, if you are not into the blue hues of Very Peri, amethyst as a lighter shade would be the perfect option for you as it encompasses a little more violet than blue. It will lighten your mood any day.

However, if you are a fan of blue but want something a bit stronger, a sapphire will get you covered. Its intense electric blue color will bring power to your outfit and boost up your confidence.

Having a variety of options is nice. However, it’s this blueberry color that gives us hope for this year. And we’d like to share it with you with our beautiful selection. Check it out from our website!

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