These times can be pretty hard and stressful. Thus,for couples who are closed in together, quarantine might spark some unnecessary issues. To avoid such situations, you can talk about it or better yet have fun together.

Of course, having fun can range from being intimate to little date nights or doing a puzzle together. It’s only natural to feel trapped, since you spend normal days apart, so date nights feel special.

Additionally, working from home adds to the stress and if you live in a small apartment, you mostly likely reside in one room everyday 24/7.

Also, the stress associated with the future can build up an unhealthy relationship due to finance and well-being.

On this topic, experts suggest that you have to go through all types of intimacy to get to a positive state. Such intimacies occur when you are talking about hard times. Others include talking about funny things, you do something for the other, you talk about parenting, and  you do creative hobbies together.

Furthermore, communication is the foundation of anything else that comes prior to a relationship or marriage.

So, with everything said, let’s see how to keep things romantic and hold onto the spark.


It’s extremely simple but it can bring you closer together. Find one of millions of recipes online, do some online groceries shopping, and carry on. You might as well cook up a dinner together. Furthermore, it’s not only good for your relationship, but also you are away from screen time.

In short, you can check out this website for good recipes from your grandma’s expertise.

Black-Out Nights

You may wonder what this “term” means but in reality it’s very simple. We saw it from the Youtube channel “The Michalaks”. The creators of the channel Hannah and Stef proposed an idea that they do. Usually they switch off their devices for a couple of hours each night. So, for some time they enjoy each other’s company, a glass of gin, a book, or something similar.

It’s quite useful advice for couples who work in tech fields or spend their entire day behind the screen. 

Moreover, you can play board games or just chat on candle light about your plans, days, etc. 

Picnic with reminiscing on the past

This option is in a lot of sources but you put a twist on it. Why not put on your wedding video and crack open a bottle of champagne? 

Remind yourself of that day, look at photos, cut up some fancy cheese, bread rolls, mini pizzas, whatever. Simply, take yourself back to when you were so much happier and in love. 

Secondly, tell yourselves that in times of crisis, there is a way out and you’ll find it by being together.

Furthermore, remember your vows and put them to practise. Even though everyday life can be a struggle, in the end the symbolism of your wedding day can guide you.

If you have a tent, you can always put it up in your living room and enjoy your picnic there. If you have a garden, then we envy you.


If your country’s restrictions don’t allow going out at all, the only form of exercise is going to be Youtube.

Choose a workout challenge or a fitness playlist and start training together!

You might see it as a challenge at first, but it will only get easier with practice.

And after the good workout, you can take a bath together with a bottle of wine for ultimate relaxation.

Shop online

Another activity you might do is shopping online. It can be anything from spicing up your home to getting a little pick-me-up present. Such a present can range from jewellery to clothing, etc. 

If you are on the lookout for quality jewellery, then you can visit our website for fantastic collections to choose from.

In the end, if you are not completely sold on the ideas, then we sure are!

They are perfect for fixing any type of issue and helping out the management of the relationship.

Tell us your favourite one and if you have a traditional date night of your own.

We would love to hear it!

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