Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! That means the most romantic day of the year is almost here. If you haven’t planned something for your day, do not worry we have come up with some amazing ideas. Just like every special occasion, there are the right jewelry pieces that will go perfectly with your meaningful moments. So with every date idea, you will also find some jewelry inspirations to wear on Valentine’s Day. 

Let’s get started on our top 5 date ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Cozy and Chic at home

Your home is where your heart is! Although home might not be the first place to come to our mind for fancy celebrations, there are some ways to elevate your home to a perfect celebration location. Firstly, you do not have to wait for the evening to celebrate, so why not start early by putting on some nice clothes and jewelry. You can prepare breakfast together then, you can play some games or watch your favorite movie together. Another great idea is to look at photos together so that you can remember some great memories you have made together. This intimate moment would be ideal for giving your Valentine’s Day gifts as well. Looking for some inspiration? Then, discover our precious women’s and sleek men’s rings for your other half!

 Icy Romance

Winter is often perceived as a dull season. It is associated with negative emotions. But it cannot be denied that there is something romantic in winter. The warmth you feel in each other’s presence when you watch a movie under the blankets with your significant other. The happiness you feel when you find a cafe to take shelter in when it is raining. These are all fun and romantic dates but, there is one winter-special date that you can get close to each other, laugh, and hold hands: Ice Skating! Also, the perfect time and place to give a matching ring set. 

Ultimate day at the beach

We are well aware that not everyone is in the winter season. So if you live somewhere that has sun, planning an ultimate day at the beach can be your first choice. You can enjoy the sun, have a little picnic by the sea, and read your book while sunbathing… Options are endless. Do not forget to watch the sunset together as well. Seasides and beaches can be tricky for precious jewelry however this is your day. You can at least wear your customized wedding rings. If you do not have your wedding rings yet or you want to get a new pair for Valentine’s Day, explore our exquisite wedding rings selection!

Make the most of it

Although intimate and minimal celebrations can be nice you can also consider going all out. At the end of the day, your valentine is the most important person in your life. So why not spoil each other with grand gestures on Valentine’s Day. You can surprise your partner with a private dance lesson during the day or a fancy musical/concert at night. Then, ending the day at your favorite restaurant can be the final touch. What other occasion fits the best to your chic outfits and sophisticated jewelry other than Valentine’s Day? Check out our glowy bracelets and majestic necklaces to complete your elegant couple’s look!

Galentine’s Day

Last but not least, let’s not forget our best girlfriends! Valentine’s Day should not be all about romantic love. Although it is not as well-known as Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day is dedicated to celebrating friendships. As for the date idea, going for a brunch then taking a long walk and talking hours about whatever you want sounds perfect. Surprising your bestie with lovely and cute jewelry presents also will make her day. Since she’s your bestie you probably know every little detail about her taste, so you can customize your jewelry gifts with her gemstone and metal of your choice.

We hope you enjoyed our date ideas! Even though they are not groundbreaking or anything at least they can give you somewhere to start. We wish you a day filled with romance and lots of sparkles! Do not forget to visit our website and social media channels for more amazing jewelry. 

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