Valentine’s Day is finally coming and the search for that perfect gift has already started! If you have already found the one then you are among the lucky ones. But what about the gift for your other half? Everyone has their own unique taste and it can be rather difficult to choose among the ones that you already know not being the one. And when you can’t find that perfect piece, it becomes so hard to choose among mediocre.They say that it takes only 4 minutes for us to understand whether we fall in love or not. And for understanding the perfect gift I am sure we just need seconds! 

In Glamira, we give each of you the opportunity to create your own unique gift. In here, you are the designer. Well, it will probably take more than seconds but we guarantee you that it’s well worth it. So, let’s begin!

For Her…

I am sure there isn’t any woman that will say no to a diamond. And, here we don’t have just the classic ones but also the fancy-colored ones. Just pick your favorite diamond color and match it with the design. 

If you want to try a different gemstone, you can choose among our passionate ones. With its dark fiery red, ruby will also be a great choice for your lovely Valentine. Also, don’t forget to check our blushy color morganite, rose quartz, pink tourmaline and pink topaz with their energy of love!

For Him…

Have you discovered one of our latest designs, our matching bracelets? It is specially designed to create a love link between you and him. A sparkling bond to show your love! 

Another option for a stylish man would be a symbolic necklace or a statement ring that he will never want to take off!

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