Valentine’s is at the door! It’s that time of the year when love can be felt in the air and Cupid is getting busy looking at us from above sneakily. So, as Cupid is in search of new targets, most of us are in search of a meaningful gift to remind our significant other and other loved ones that we love them. Saying “I love you” to your loved one is invaluable, just like hearing them say it. As you put a big smile on your loved one’s face with these beautiful words, giving them a gift that will surprise them will only add to the moment’s magic.

Most people will, of course, expect gifts during this time of the year. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be surprised when they receive your Valentine’s gift. So, “What are some inspirational gift ideas?” you must be thinking. Well, don’t think, as we thought for you already. Check out our top picks of creative Valentine’s gift ideas to get the inspiration you need and excite your loved ones with some emotional “I love you” moments this Valentine’s. 

For Her

A Photo Wall

Valentines gift idea photo wall

Do you want to remind your dear that you love them and value your memories together? Then, roll up your sleeves to start making a photo corner. Print your favorite pictures and your beloved’s and put them together. You can even add some notes next to them. This will have a different meaning as now your pictures will not be a simple Instagram story.

Bath Salt and Shower Products

Valentines gift ideas bath salt

Getting your bae some beautiful, pretty looking shower gels, bath bubbles and other self-care products like creams will mean a lot to her. This means that you care about the time she spends pampering herself. Bath salts, especially are a recent trend when it comes to enjoying much-deserved baths after a long day. You can even get your boo a bathtub tray so she can read books and drink a glass of wine while taking a nice, long bath.

Crystals and Birthstones

Valentines Gift Amethyst Necklace

Another interesting gift choice to get your boo is a crystal or her birthstone. Research online what crystals or birthstones are related to her zodiac sign or birth month and buy a piece of this crystal or stone. It is a recent trend people use to boost their moods and the energy around them. Your bae can wear these stones and crystals as an accessory or install a piece of them in their living space. Show your sweetheart you care about her well-being.

A Chocolate Gift Box

Valentines gift idea gift box

Give her a big gift box full of surprises. This way you can fit a lot of things in a box so she can pick up something out of the box whenever she feels like a little treat. Put different kinds of chocolate and other snacks in it and maybe a Teddy bear and some roses. Remember to add a little note, too.

A Heart-Shaped Necklace

Valentines Gift Diamond Heart Necklace Valentines gift heart necklace

Do you want to give your bae a gift that will always remind her of your love for her? Try some heart-shaped necklaces or other accessories that scream “I love you”. These accessories are not only extremely romantic but will also allow your loved one to carry your love with her wherever she goes.

A Colorful Bracelet

Valentines gift idea multi-sapphire bracelet

Giving your bae a colorful bracelet embellished with stones of different colors will certainly help her steal the show on any occasion. Whenever someone compliments her bracelet, she will show it off and explain that you got it for her as a Valentine’s gift. 

For him

Grooming Kit

Valentines gifts for him man grooming kit

Man-grooming is an important aspect of the modern man’s hipster self-care routine. Getting your boyfriend a beard grooming kit will not only show them that you care about their enjoying their self-care but also means that you want them to be happy about their appearance.

Sandalwood Scented Candles

Valentine's Gift Sandalwood Candle

A very popular scent used in men’s personal hygiene products lately is sandalwood. Why not give them scented candles and let them enjoy some aromatherapy while reading or spending some me-time at home.

Beer Making Kit

Valentines gift for him beer making kit

One of the recent trends, especially for men, is to make their own home-made beer. If your boyfriend is a drinker, get them a beer kit so they can enjoy some time making science in their garage. In time, you can drink his homemade beer together and even invite some friends over to share his new delicious personal taste of beer with the world.


valentines gifts for him mini drone

Getting your boyfriend a device according to his general interests in life is a smart way of making him happy this Valentine’s. What are they fond of in general? Fitness, music, shooting videos? According to the answer, get them a mini drone, speaker or a smartwatch. A smartwatch will make his gym sessions more fun while a drone will be his new toy.

Personalized Cufflinks

Valentines gifts for-him personalized cufflinks

A pair of cufflinks are a must-have for any man. Get your boyfriend a pair of personalized cufflinks to make him feel special. You can personalize the cufflinks with his initials or birthstone. He will be thankful to you when there’s an occasion he will need to attend wearing a stylish suit.

A Leather Bracelet

valentines gift for him leather bracelet

A modern, elegant leather bracelet is a great gift to get for your bae to complete his urban style. Leather bracelets are especially a good idea as they can go well with most casual outfits. A simple yet complementing piece, a leather bracelet will be a great choice if your partner cares about his style.

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