The fashion shows of the wedding dresses for 2020 has already begun. Prominent bridal brands are successively designing new models that will be in demand next year. In addition to the classic and always trendy bridal dresses, brand new models can also be seen, which are shining out with their styles. In general, all wedding dresses are white and flashy. But even a little detail can turn it into a completely different style. The most striking details of this year are feathers and fringes! In 2020 we will see very elegant and romantic brides with their wedding dresses designed with feathers or fringes.

Well, is its fabric enough to change a dress? Of course not! The best complements to a wedding dress are jewelry and accessories. Whether it’s a diamond necklace, bridal sets with the shine of emerald or an elegant pearl jewel, wedding jewelry not only emphasize the magnificence of the wedding dress, but also give it a unique, sparkling look. We have put together for you the jewelry, which makes every woman’s dreams come true and completes a wedding dress in the most beautiful way…

Some wedding dresses look more beautiful when they are supplemented with different colors. The green emerald is one of the jewels that brides have favored for centuries. Emerald gemstones with a splendid shine will give your wedding dress a very different style…

Emerald Ring Emerald Earrings Louisa Emerald Necklace

These unique diamond necklaces adorned with indispensable stones will double your elegance…

Wedding necklace Wedding Necklace Adruisa Wedding Pendant Calasia

Pearls, the wonders of nature, are also among the indispensable accessories of a bride. Take a look at the pearl necklaces, pearl rings and pearl earrings which fit perfectly with the romantic wedding dresses from 2020.

Pearl Necklace Lemeluarose pearl earrings ideas for valentines Pearl Ring

Sapphire Stone is also a very preferred gem when it comes to marriage. Increase the splendor of your wedding dress with the magical blue color of sapphire, which stands for calm and safety. Complete your wedding look with the glamorous sapphire necklaces, sapphire rings and sapphire earrings

Sapphire Necklace Glamira Sapphire Ring Glamira Sapphire Earring Glamira

Do not forget to visit for more models and to customize your own jewelry… 

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