When it comes to weddings, we all know that costs are very high and people tend to get into debt most of the time. So, what can you do to prevent big spending?

If you follow Pinterest accounts, you can see ideas from creating your own decorations to making your own food.

In this article, we are going to look at some examples of how beautiful and inexpensive your wedding can get.

Furthermore, if you decide to copy some of them, feel free to share pictures of your wedding day with us.

  1. A “Welcome” bag

And while some weddings have welcome cocktails, yours can cancel that out all together. The “new-in” is a “welcome” bag filled with candy, face masks, and samples of lotion or bath bubbles.

Also, you can add some eye masks, a portative battery, etc.

Whatever you choose, we are sure it’s going to be worth it plus it will be way cheaper than alcohol.

  1. Create your own invitations

Yes, this might seem obvious but it’s a way to save money AND have something for you to do together during the weekend.

Moreover, all you need is Microsoft Word, a card stock, and a printer. Plus, if you feel like doing some good old calligraphy, you can add some ink and a calligraphy pen. BOOM! You now have a beautiful set of invitations!

Furthermore, you can find thousands of free templates online and design ideas that can really help you.

Additionally, on the same note you can craft your own table numbers. You can buy a bunch of cheap small frames from a furniture shop and print out some number designs. Then, all you have to do is frame them. This also applies to your wedding programs, if they are not on the invitations.

The most important thing is to relax and start creating!

  1. Drop the high heels!

This one is not really DIY but it’s still a great idea! As you know guests tend to turn up in their most uncomfortable shoes and heels that they can find. Thus, you can save their legs by putting out buckets of flip flops for men and women. Sure, it may be unglamorous but who cares! After all, a wedding is a party and naturally you want to dance.

  1. Use natural materials for decorations

In a world where recycling and sustainability is a big topic of discussion, we advise you to implement this philosophy to your wedding. Furthermore, you can use nature to create a truly beautiful decor. 

So, you can use tree stumps for placing lanterns or bottles of flowers on them.

Furthermore, you can use pellets and ask someone handy to put them together for seating purposes. You can even paint them in bright and fun colors. Also, after the wedding you can use the ready-made pellets for your balcony or garden.

These ideas work for both indoor and outdoor weddings. 

  1. Thrift shops baby!

Thrifting can sound a bit weird, but actually such shops hide wonderful second hand decor that can be placed as a centerpiece. So, you can mix and match fairy lights with various kinds of little statues or ceramic figurines. Make every table look unique and special.

Also, you can use tree pieces for placing flowers in them as a centerpiece.

  1. Small presents

One of the easiest DIY wedding hacks is crafting the guests’ presents. They can range from small cactuses to a “Make-Yourself-Cookies” set or something similar. 

Of course, you can elaborate and choose candles, flower seeds, cookie cutters, a small bottle of prosecco, etc. In addition, you can add little pieces of candy or a traditional spirit to the country.

Vouchers of small sums can contribute to the mix, as well. Generally, choose what your budget can handle. It will be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

  1. We love mason jars

They are so versatile that they can hold candles, silverware,presents, flowers, and drinks. Just anything you can think of. It’s so genius and mason jars don’t cost a fortune. And you might think that they used to be modern like 10 years ago, but the truth is they are timelessly beautiful and rustic. You can never go wrong with some jars and imagination.

So, these suggestions conclude the first part of our DIY wedding ideas guide. If you want to see the second part, stay tuned. 

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