Are you coming from part 1? Well, great! This means that you are halfway through becoming a wedding planner on a budget.

If so, we hope you got inspired. And if you haven’t read the first part then visit this link and then come back.

To start accordingly, we believe that DIY weddings are very special due to the effort that gets thrown in by the couple themselves. Sure, hiring a whole wedding agency is the easiest, but you would feel way better if most things are made by you.

So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road with the last DIY examples for your perfect wedding.

8. Tattoos

No, no, no. We are not hiring a tattoo artist for your wedding. Additionally, we are talking about budget oriented examples. Anyway, you can set up a tattoo parlor cart where your guests can put on temporary tattoos for fun. 

They can be very cringe and kids-like or pretty and actually good-looking. You can purchase lists of them from Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc.

However, we do remember the trend a couple years ago where metallic tattoos were in for the summer. Temporary, of course.

Additionally, it’s a very inexpensive and fun activity to do with friends and family.

9. DIY ice cubes for your drinks

In order to add some fun to your drinks, you can create unique ice cubes with flowers or glitter in them.

Just pop some water in an ice cube tray (you can use a tray with fun figures), take some flower petals, mint leaves or glitter and pop them in the water. 

After that, freeze the ice cube tray in your fridge and VOILA! You got yourself some fine looking drinks.

Also, be careful not to put potentially harmful objects in your ice cubes. Fun weddings don’t include a trip to the A&E.

10. Lights, camera, action!

Another DIY part of your wedding can be a photo backdrop. You can use balloons, flowers, pallets with fairy lights, more fairy lights, etc.

Additionally, you can put some photo accessories in several vases for people to take photos with them.

Not only does it make a great decoration for memories, but it’s going to add colour to your ceremony.

Remember, keep in mind to do whatever you feel like doing and keep it fun and light.

11. Make your wedding cake!!

You heard it here first! It might be scary and intimidating but at least you can try prior to the wedding itself. 

Take a look at some recipes on Youtube and online, grab ingredients and start. If you don’t feel like making a massive cake, you can create some cupcakes.

At the end if the result is not good, at least you get to eat a lot of cake. Who doesn’t want that?

Take a look at this recipe to find if it suits your taste and baking skill set.

12. DIY board games

After the ceremony is done and everyone has their dinner and moves to the bar, you can play some games. Additionally, you can create big versions of jenga, dominoes, a photo contest, sports matches for the outdoors. 

Just go wild and don’t let anything dull your mood on such a special occasion.

Another game you can play is a version of Ellen’s “Heads Up” games with creating cards  for your guests. The idea is to place a card with a celebrity’s name on it on your forehead with the name facing the others. Then, you will ask details about the person and others will answer.

13. Bouquets

Florists are really expensive, so designing your own bouquet and those for your bridesmaids will save you money.

However, you have to go through several arrangement guides to learn how to make your own bouquet. 

All you need are flowers (fake or real) and a bunch of beautiful ribbons to go with them- the end result will surprise you, for sure.

Here is a tutorial that can help you out big time.

14. Special presents for your special girls

Admit it. Your wedding would not be the same without your best girls by your side- your bridesmaids. So as a little “thank you” gesture, you can get them pamper-night baskets. They can be filled with bath bombs, wine, masks,nail polish, lipstick, etc. Just go with little bits that can brighten up their day after the exhausting wedding preparations. 

If you feel fancy enough, you can even throw a spa treatment in there somewhere. 

Well, I guess we are done with our DIY wedding ideas Part 2 article. We hope you found some of them helpful. If you want to get some unique wedding bands for your day, visit the GLAMIRA website.

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