Jewelry is always a special gift option to go for. It is both precious and timeless. You can always make your jewelry present more unique by engraving it. What is a better way to create something personal for your favorite people! 

Since engravings will be on your jewelry forever it could be a difficult decision to make. If you are unsure about what to engrave, keep reading to figure it out!

Main Engraving Ideas

Probably the most popular and obvious choice is engraving the name or initials of your loved ones. Because it instantly makes jewelry recognizable and distinct. Also, there is no possibility of regretting it! Although it is a classic option to pick, our jewelry collection still stands out from others. We offer an entirely dedicated selection for Initial & Name engravings. Is there any better gift for your other half than a ring that combines her name and her favorite gemstone? 

 Moreover, the first choice is engraving a ring. However, we also offer engraving options for necklaces and bracelets for the ultimate customization. Let’s say you are looking for a present for your mom, do not forget to check out our Initial & Name necklaces. For instance, you can gather not one but three of her favorite initials at one necklace! Also, we believe our bracelets will be perfect for you and your best friend. You can create something that represents your eternal friendship!

Exclusive Engraving Options

Do not worry, we did not forget about engraving options for wedding rings! There are countless alternatives. It is best to pick an engraving that has a significant meaning for your couple. It could be the name or latitude and longitude of the city you met. Any memorable date would also be exceptional. If you have a specific song between you two, you can engrave that name of the song. Furthermore, engraving your nicknames or any inside jokes is always a good idea because no one will understand except you two!


What we offer when it comes to wedding rings is that you can choose from 4 different jewelry engraving fonts. Also, you can add 7 symbols, like a heart, a star, or an eternity sign. Not to mention that we have endless wedding rings to customize. You can create wedding rings that are a true reflection of your couple and your unique love. Basically, you have all the control! 

Before finishing this blog post, we should not forget to mention that our engraving service is free of charge! You also have a 60 day right of return even with an engraving. We are glad you chose our post to read all about jewelry engraving ideas, we hope that you found some inspiration! For more jewelry engraving ideas, check out our other post as well.

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